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Editorial: The nexus and the Sustainable Development Goals

Progressing the Sustainable Development Goals requires understanding complexity: MAGIC research shows a way to achieve that.

Photo by Sindre Strom (Pexels, CC0)

Freshwater: a pivotal resource in achieving the interlinked SDGs

Freshwater is a renewable, yet finite resource. The amount of precipitation that falls on EU territory each year is limited. Although water that is used in one place will eventually come down as precipitation in another place, we cannot use more water than is available within a certain period of time.

Foggy Road to Nowhere (Piqsels CC0)

Unclear route map for EU SDG journey

In a previous issue of the Nexus Times, we asked where was the nexus governed? (Issue V) drawing attention to the distribution of the actors involved in trying to govern the water-energy-food nexus across European Union (EU) institutions. Our conclusion was the space(s) for governing the nexus are ‘everywhere and nowhere’. This seems also to be...

SDGs: a Gordian knot

The treacherous use of indicators for SDGs

The experience of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) has shown the difficulty of  trying to achieve international consensus on required action to tackle global challenges such as the problem of climate change.

White Globe by Javier Jaen

Depoliticizing and repoliticizing SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become an important political reference for all kinds of institutions, whether public administration, multinationals or NGOs. However, there are still important debates about the appropriateness, consistency and the underlying interests which led to their definition.